Take a journey into the training for Kilimanjaro. Learn the real life preparations for Kilimanjaro from a memoir of a successful, middle-aged, female climber of Mt. Kilimanjaro---beyond Gilman's Point to Mt. Uhuru. Explore the fears of embarking on this expedition during the beginning of the Iraq War, as well as the difficulties of returning to the American culture after experiencing the joys of the Tanzanian culture. Feel the inner strength gained from successfully climbing Kilimanjaro. Experience how God lovingly guided Isolde to a peaceful heart after her sudden loss of her mother, loss of her home, and loss of trust in her husband. You'll open a door to this world when reading this first memoir by Isolde Ulrich, The Romance of Kilimanjaro. It is the first book in the Anatomy of a Midlife Crisis series.


"Remember to Climb High!"

A 10% tithe from the book sales goes to God!


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